It’s Happened Again – Phantoms Awarded 5-0 Final Win !

Dramatic news from the EIHA late on Saturday evening has confirmed that, once again, Phantoms have benefited from an administrative error that has rendered last night’s Play-Off Final First-Leg result to be a 5-0 win for Phantoms.

It is believed that the error was down to a handwritten addition to the teamsheet that showed six year old Joe King as icing. Bison issued their own statement this morning in which they explained, “Joe was our mascot but, like all kids, he loves writing on things and he saw the teamsheet and just scribbled his name on it …… Joe writes his name on everything !”.

A spokesman from Phantoms was cautiously delighted, “its a good result for us but we’ll get the blame for sure ….. we always do !”.

A spokesman from Hull Pirates also commented, “nothing to do with us but we’ve put in an appeal and we are confident that Hull will win the trophy and we look forward to collecting it next week. We have advised the LMC that we are not available to collect midweek …… and we blame Peterborough for that !”.