Jesse Hammill – August 2001

Recently grabbed a few words from our very own Jesse Hammill who’s been spending some quality time back home in Canada …… many thanks to sockhead Hammy for nailing Jesse to the chair and finding him an ice-cold Miller !

Hi Jesse, enjoying your trip back home ?

“I’m havin’ a blast ….. time has really flown. I wish I had more time but them’s the breaks !!!”

Tell us a little about where “back home” is …….

“Back home is Cranbrook B.C., Canada. It’s in the Rockies, about three hours from Calgary ….. lots of mountains, lakes, wildlife, and that kind of thing !”

Sounds good ……. and how’s the old boy ?

“Hammy is good so is the rest of the family …… thanks for asking !”

I hear you’ve got a pretty major event in your life coming up shortly ……. are you looking forward to it ?

“Yes, I’m about to unleash another Hammill on the world and, yes, I’m quite pumped about the new addition !”

…….. and what sort of advice have you been getting from those who have “been there” ?

“To get all my sleep while I can and just little bits and bobs on making life easier ……. from Jon Cotton and his wife Rach, Lisa Keely and my buddy Matt whose on his third !”

Looking back at the end of last season, there was some pretty spectacular, knife-edge hockey during those play-offs ……. must have been great to be involved in it all after having a few seasons struggling at the other end of the table …….

“To be fair, I only really spent one season in that position but believe me one was enough ! Last season’s play-off games were awesome ….. it was hard to be so close and then lose out to the Bison but those games were tough and with the intensity both teams played with, whoever went through deserved it ….. shame it wasn’t us though !”

One of my abiding memories of it all was seeing you flying out onto the ice for the big home games seriously pumped up ……. is that real ?!!!

“Yes ! I get excited hours before any game and how I come out is just all the emotion being released !”

There were certainly some seriously rocking full houses for those play-off games, it must be a great buzz to play in an atmosphere like that …….

“It is fantastic ……. a guy like myself just uses it as another reason to stay pumped from moment one !”

During the back end of the season, you seemed to settle into a very effective line with Jordan (Shields) and Chris (Jamieson) …… it’s a pity Chris isn’t back for the forthcoming season. Have you been in touch with him ?

“No, I haven’t spoken to him but as I understand it, he’s pretty busy.”

No doubt Doug will have the final say on this one but what role would you like to be playing this season ?

“I’d like to have the same role as last year just getting a chance to help the team in any way I can.”

Unlike a number of our rivals, Pirates have pretty much stuck with last season’s roster, drafting in Nick Poole and Pete Morley …… do you think that’ll give us an advantage ?

“Sure, I think when you keep a club together it helps …… look at how well Fife does but it’s good to add a couple of guys to enhance the building of the squad as I feel these two players will do.”

You must have played alongside Nick not too long back and I guess you’ve come up against him a few times too ……. a good signing ?

“Definitely, I’ve known Nick since my days with the Kings ……. he’s a great guy and a player that brings a lot to the table. I’m sure he’ll prove a great addition.”

Pirates have hardly chosen a low-key fixture as warm up to the season, Coventry Blaze back-to-back. Are you up for that one ?

“I’ve been waiting for this game since last year ! When we play them, every game is an emotionally charged affair. That’s good for the players, good for the fans and everyone involved and, by the way, I’d like to say hi to my good ol buddy “jb” now ……. hope to hear ya’ yelling at the games !!!”

Look forward to seeing you back Jesse ……… good luck for the season and to you and your girlfriend for the BIG one !

“Thanks a lot Paul ……. we’ll see you in a week !”