Make The Call

Make The Call was a very popular competition that Twisted Sock used to run and which involves making score predictions in direct head-to-head competition with other fans.

We don’t have time for a multi-division league competition in what is left of this season but we do have time for some sort of knockout competition just to give you a taster.

It works on the basis of making predictions for three NIHL games with each game representing a period in your game. You score goals on the basis of ……..

  • Two points for correct result
  • One point for correct home team score
  • One point for correct away team score

You can, therefore, score up to four goals in each of the three periods. See detailed example at the foot of this page.

To add to the fun, we need YOUR hockey team name with your entry. Your team name should have TWO WORDS and should actually sound something like a hockey team !

The knockout first round starts on Saturday 3rd February so get your entry in via the form below …….


An example of how MTC works ……..

Person A is drawn to play Person B.

Ahead of the weekend, players have to submit score predictions for three NIHL games coming up. The above two forecast …..

Person A
Phantoms v Bracknell 3-1
Swindon v Basingstoke 2-4
London v Invicta 5-1

Person B
Phantoms v Bracknell 5-3
Swindon v Basingstoke 3-2
London v Invicta 6-4

Actual NIHL Results
Phantoms v Bracknell 6-1
Swindon v Basingstoke 5-4
London v Invicta 0-1

MTC “goals” are scored on the basis of 2 for correct result, 1 for correct home score, 1 for correct away score so the “goals” scored are …..

Person A
Phantoms v Bracknell 3-1 [3 – correct result and home score]]
Swindon v Basingstoke 2-4 [1 – correct away score]
London v Invicta 5-1 [1 – correct away score]

Person B
Phantoms v Bracknell 5-3 [2 – correct result]
Swindon v Basingstoke 3-2 [2 – correct result]
London v Invicta 6-4 [0 – nothing correct]

So your result in MTC will be ……..

Person A beats Person B 5-4 (3-2, 1-2, 1-0)

All results are at the end of Period Three, not after OT, so a DRAW is a possible result and prediction !