Phantoms Retain Very Real Title Hopes ?

Last night’s agonizing finale left many Phantoms fans and players feeling dejected having seemingly lost their title aspirations inside the last two minutes but just how damaging was that late Bison goal ?

It is true that had Phantoms held on to their 3-1 lead then the title was pretty much theirs but the vital two points still leaves them with a very real chance to finish top. The final league table should now see both Phantoms and Bison finish level on points and level on head-to-head record so it will all come down to the relative goal differences across the league season.

Phantoms currently have a six goal advantage over Bison and play Streatham at home next Saturday. Bison have a home game with Invicta on Saturday and a road game at Cardiff on Sunday and they will need to improve their goal difference by seven goals PLUS whatever gain Phantoms make against Streatham.

Now lets look at those big games ………..

Phantoms v Streatham

Previous games 5-2 (H), 7-1 (A), 2-0 (A)

The 7-1 win catches the eye here. We have proven that we can run up a score against them and that was in a game where total goals were irrelevant.

Streatham will not have seen a Phantoms side with the desire shown this weekend and if Phantoms pour it on with the 60 minute intensity shown against Bison then they should run up a decent margin.

Bison v Invicta

Previous Games 4-0 (H), 5-3 (A), 7-4 (A)

Those scores do not suggest Bison find Invicta the easiest of opponents, indeed Invicta only average just over four goals conceded per game over the entire league season. Obviously, this time Bison will know they need goals so the challenge could be greater for Invicta to keep it close but with netminder Damien King being one of ours, Bison may struggle to run up too big a goal tally in this one !

Cardiff v Bison

Previous Games 5-1 (H), 12-2 (A), 9-0 (H)

Bison will run up a big score here and it will likely come down to Fire netminder Jordan Lawday to determine how big. Lawday has received rave reviews in recent games and if he is up for the challenge then he may determine the title destination single handed !

On top of all these key fixtures, it is worth mentioning that Bison also play on Friday night in a Cup Final at home to Swindon who are sure to push them very hard so will three games in three days have an impact on Phantoms rivals ?

Here’s the Twisted Sock (slightly optimistic ?) score predictions ……

Phantoms 12 Streatham 1

Bison 7 Invicta 1

Cardiff 1 Bison 10

Phantoms win the title …… sorted !