Play-Off Hockey is Back at Bretton this Saturday !

Just when you thought the season had ended with a whimper, it’s about to reignite with what could be a mighty big bang as Phantoms 2 take on rivals Chelmsford Chieftains in the quarter-finals of the NIHL2 play-offs.

Chelmsford are unable to secure home ice time due to having a pantomime at their rink all weekend …… oh yes they have ….. so will play the “home” leg on Sunday in Romford’s new rink.

The first leg will be at Bretton on Saturday at 6:30pm and this will be a huge game between two teams who finished 4th and 5th in NIHL2. Chieftains won both league encounters with ease but Phantoms have won 7 of their last 8 games and, with Phantoms 1 finished for the season, will have the pick of all their registered players.

Chieftains always bring a large and noisy contingent of travelling fans so this promises to be a very lively and exciting encounter on and off the ice so get those shirts, scarves and drums back out and get along to support the boys in what is sure to be a more exhilarating encounter than last Saturday’s in Coventry !