Stephen Wall to be added to Phantoms Hall of Honour

The club today announced that netminder Stephen Wall will join Jesse Hammill, Billy Glover and Craig Britton in the Phantoms Hall of Honour in recognition of his seven seasons with Phantoms.

North Shields born Stephen was signed to Phantoms from Newcastle Vipers in October 2003 by coach Kevin King and immediately backstopped Phantoms to two major trophies. After leaving for a tour around the M4 with Bracknell and Slough, he returned during the 2007/2008 season to help secure the EPL Knockout Cup in a memorable victory on Milton Keynes ice.

His legend was secured in 2008/2009 when he backstopped Phantoms to the treble under coach Colin Patterson followed by two and a half further seasons before departing for a tour involving Basingstoke, Milton Keynes and Guildford. He retired after a handful of games in the NIHL for Milton Keynes Thunder in the 2015/2016 season.

Peterborough hockey has been blessed with some truly outstanding netminders over the years including Ron Katerynuk, Dan Dennis, Pasi Raitanen and, most recently, Janis Auzins but only the latter outperformed the 90.54% shot save average over 341 games that Stephen Wall served up.

A true legend of the club and recognition that he fully deserves …… now for Jon Cotton and Shaun Yardley ?