This Week in Peterborough Hockey History

“….. this was the day in 1992 when the Peterborough/Milton Keynes rivalry was launched with their first ever fixture”

19th March

On this day in 1993 and 1994, Pirates hosted the Beavers of Basingstoke ….. and won both games 11-5 !

In 2005, Phantoms were in play-off action overseas on the Isle of Wight where they came away with a 5-2 win

20th March

A mere 1,350 turned up at Bretton in 1983 to see Pirates trounce Streatham Bruins 20-1 in a British National League Division One fixture

After that, it was another 22 years before a Peterborough side won on this date when Phantoms beat Slough Jets 3-2 at Bretton in a play-off game

It was, however, a date that will live long in the memories of those that were in Milton Keynes in 2008 when Phantoms overturned a home leg deficit to beat Lightning 4-0 to win the EPL Cup Final …… on Milton Keynes ice ….. and it doesn’t get any better than that !

21st March

Believe it or not, this was the day in 1992 when the Peterborough/Milton Keynes rivalry was launched with their first ever fixture ….. a home challenge game that Pirates lost to the MK Kings 5-8

Hopefully, 2004 offers up a lucky omen for Phantoms big games this weekend as Swindon were the visitors for a play-off fixture that Phantoms won 11-1 !

22nd March

Not the most productive date for Peterborough hockey with only four wins in 10 games but in 2017 Phantoms did rout the Steeldogs of Sheffield by 12-0 at Bretton in a play-off fixture

23rd March

In 1986, Pirates were on their second date of a Scottish weekend and lost 5-10 in Dundee to the legendary Rockets

24th March

A date for goals in the Pirates era. In 1985 they shared 27 goals in a crazy 15-12 home win over Crowtree Chiefs from Sunderland and in 1991 they travelled to Telford for a challenge game where they shared a mere 25 goals in a 14-11 road win !

One not so encouraging omen for this coming weekend is that Peterborough hockey has witnessed three play-off games on this date and we have failed to win any of them …… albeit both Pirates and Phantoms did draw their fixtures against Basingstoke (2001) and Sheffield (2007) respectively

25th March

We have played Swindon at home once before on this date and we did win ….. Phantoms defeating them 4-3 in an EPL fixture in 2012 !

In terms of our play-off record on this date however, it is a miserable three defeats in four games. Pirates lost away to Basingstoke 3-6 and 1-3 in 2000 and 2001 respectively and Phantoms lost 0-7 away to Telford in 2017. Phantoms did at least beat Sheffield Scimitars 7-2 in a 2007 play-off game at Bretton so there is hope !