Wildcats Victory is now a Phantoms Victory !

News from the EIHA on Sunday afternoon is that Phantoms 4-2 defeat in Swindon has now been deemed a 5-0 victory for Phantoms as a result of Swindon icing young Joshua Kelly, a player who was not elligible for the play-offs having only completed two league games this season.

That leaves Swindon needing to win by six goals tonight to turn things around !

The EIHA statement was …….

“On Saturday March 24 in the NIHL Britton division playoff game between Swindon Wildcats and Peterborough Phantoms, Swindon iced a player who was not playoff eligible (NIHL RoC 8.4.1/had not played 25% of league games).

Therefore under NIHL RoC 8.6.1/Penalties, the game has been awarded 5-0 in favour of the Peterborough Phantoms.”