Phantoms still standing their ground over National Cup ruling !

Despite today’s EIHA announcement backing the NIHL’s decision to deprive Phantoms of a chance to progress in the National Cup, the club are still not prepared to back down over the issue. This afternoon, they issued their own statement ……..

“Following the EIHA statement regarding the club’s appeal against the LMC decision on the decisive outstanding National Cup Group fixture versus Hull Pirates, the club would like to reiterate that it continues to stand behind its appeal against this decision.

Further correspondence from the club’s solicitors, as we indicated last week to the EIHA would be forthwith, has now been sent to the EIHA. Reasons and the rationale given by the LMC that lead them to the decision of a void game, we believe are incorrect. Further evidence has been submitted to support the dispute to the EIHA as part of our continued appeal.

The club is still awaiting clarification from the EIHA as to what the appeal process is and we have again requested this information to be included as part of the appeal process. We do recognise, and respect the NIHL Rules of Competition but feel that the EIHA have not adhered to their own rules in this instance.

Again the club has requested the chance to fulfill this fixture and makes itself available to do so, to uphold the integrity of the competition we signed up to.”