“Phantoms can’t handle our physical game !”

Sunday morning post-game social media banter from the Wildcats camp suggests they are confident they know how to beat Phantoms and its all down to the Wildcats physical game and a belief that Phantoms couldn’t and can’t handle it !

Among the views on offer were ……..

“Phantoms players were clearly not expecting it – they looked shocked and battered at the end of the game !”

“Peterborough used to be a horrible place for us because they knew how to knock us down but we aren’t afraid of them anymore ….. now we knock them down and they know that. I think we will win again tonight !”

“If you hit them hard and often then they can’t handle it. Cats were generally a lot nastier and harder than normal and Phantoms simply couldn’t handle it !”

“They have plenty of skill players on the team but Aaron knows they can’t handle a physical game so we just battered them and it worked. We’ll be doing the same tonight for sure !”

“Phantoms are still dangerous but I do also think they have no Plan B …… ”

“If we let Peterborough play then they can turn this round but I know we won’t make that mistake. Players were saying last night that they don’t like being knocked about and now we know that, we know we can beat them home and away”

“Peterborough are such a clinical team and it really put them off their game with Wildcats coming at them with a strong hand. Phantoms looked intimidated !”

So there you go. Phantoms to get battered. Phantoms can’t handle a physical game. Nothing to fear in playing at Peterborough anymore.

We will soon find out if they are right !!!